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Urban Earth Care

Taking care of our earth is one of the most important responsibilities that God has given us and one that Awakenings Movement takes seriously.

Once known as an industrial epicenter in the world, Detroit has experienced first hand the effects of what a de-industrialized society looks like. To date, because of the decrease in population, 1/3 of the city’s land is unused.

This creates a perfect opportunity for us to take care of that land as if it were our own child. Awakenings Movement has a mission of creating urban gardens of all kinds, green spaces, recycling hubs, and other green initiatives around the city.

Our first major project is the beautification of a 8000 square foot lot on the corner of Second and Selden (48201). Be a part of the AM Green Team. Contact Lynn Smith at darolynsmith8847@gmail.com for more information.




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